• Creating New Results

    From your Possibility Management Trainer Katharina Kaifler.

  • We have so many ways to not creating new results.

    Technics for avoiding new results

    Illusions - Dellusion

    Fantasy Worlds

    Lies. Thinking that we don't want to thing that we are getting when we just created it that way.

    Stories that we make up and believe.

    People don't want me. I am unwanted. All the unwanted children in the world.

    People don't acknowledge everything that I have done.

    I am not good enough.

    The games that we play.


    Shift Your Point Of Origin


    How do you create the new results?

    Getting new options to choose from.


    The space determines what is possible. Therefore, the space determines what results are possible to create.


  • Experiments

    Shift Your Point Of Origin


    YOU have it in you to BE ORIGIN-al.


    You can shift your Point of Origin from "not enough"... from scarcity ...from competition ...from 'other people have to care for me', to...???


    First, where are you?


    The original Point of Origin is 'I am a victim of circumstances'.


    The new Point of Origin is 'I create my life this way'.


    This experiment is to gain new possibilities and distinctions about shifting your Point of Origin. Do this experiment over a 3 day stretch of time.



    Commit two side-by-side pages in your Beep! Book, and visit the 'Point of Origin' entry in the Possibility Management Distinctionary.


    While you read, during time in the three days, write and/or draw about what you glean while reading, on these two pages.


    In between reading and writing, watch your self as you move through your day. Where is your Point of Origin?


    In scarcity? Competition? In external authority?


    Write about it on the next page of your Beep! Book.


    When you have the three pages in your Beep! Book filled, go to the page and write down three Experiments you can do next about Shifting Your Point of Origin.


    Then go to your free account at StartOver.xyz and fill in this experiment as NEWRESUL.00 it is worth x Matrix Points.

    I have no will to live


    Do this experiment where there will be at least 3 people you can interact with over the course of 20 minutes.


    For 20 minutes, or as long as it takes for you to have interacted with 3 people, walk around with your posture slumping, exaggerating it.


    Say out loud all the victim stories that come up in your head, like "nobody wants me," "I am not good enough," "nobody notices my contributions," and "I have no will to live'.


    Consider: what is the result that you are creating from carrying these stories?

    How does the Universe interact with you?

    How do the people interact with you?


    Write about this in your Beep! Book, or tell a partner from your Possibility Team about what you did and what you noticed.


    Then go to your free account at StartOver.xyz and fill in this experiment as NEWRESUL.00 it is worth x Matrix Points.

    It's not fair


    On a fresh page in your Beep! Book, make a list of everything that is not fair in your life: 


    in your personal relationships,

    in your house,








    Check out the results of having created those stories of unfairness.


    Write about what you notice.


    Let a day go by, and then sit down again with this page in your Beep! Book. What else do you notice?


    It is not about changing the story.


    Tell a partner from your Possibility Team about what you noticed from doing this experiment.


    Then go to your free account at StartOver.xyz and fill in this experiment as NEWRESUL.00 it is worth x Matrix Points.

    Out of Control


    In your Beep! Book, on a fresh page, make a complaining list about everything that is out of control:


    I don't get to control this:....

    I can't change this:....

    I have no power about this:....

    Nobody listens to me about this:...

    It's not my fault...

    I am powerless about.....


    This is a space and it determines what is possible, it determines the results.


    Write about that. Notice about the results happening for the rest of the day.

    Dating App


    Make a profile on an online dating app using the description of yourself as identifying with all the things that are out of control. Watch for New Results about what people you attract. Take notes about it in your Beep! Book.

    Rage Up to Decide


    Rage up to decide new things.

    List decisions you made in your life that were unconscious decisions.


    In a Possibility Team, with the whole Team or in pairs, tell your partner everything that they decided that is unconscious, their unconscious decisions.

    Rescue moves.

    Being nice moves.

    Doing things for others.

    Doing things for approval.

    Needing to prove yourself.

    Taking on other people's problems.


    Become a 'I'm not good enough' story hunter


    IN your BEep Book, write the story of you r life while you are being a "not good enough" story hunter.


    Notice all the times you decided, "I am not as good as them.

    "They are the cool team.

    "I have to prove myself to them."


    Notice what showed up as the consequences of your behaviours from telling yourself that story.


    For the next 3 days, split your attention, or give your Gremlin the job so you are noticing these stories happening again. Notice the results of them happening.


    After three days of noticing and note-taking,

    Rage Up to Complete


    New Decisions


    New decisions create new possibilites and new behaviours create new results.


    Put up your right hand and declare" I am willing to try new things to create new results!"


    Go ahead, do it.


    No one is stopping you. No one can do it for you.


    Next, for a week, in the morning, say it again out loud. During each day, find someone to say it to, AND each day, do at least one thing you have never done before. Even if it seems stupid, silly, impolite or crazy, do it.


    Be okay with making messes you are willing to clean up.


    Notice the new results happening.

    New Options


    In a Possibility Team, or wth a partner, each make a list of something ask for Possibilities.

    New Distinctions


    New Context


    Refusing to Limit Yourself to the Given Options


    As a practice, refuse to limit yourself to the given options.

    What can you have for breakfast besides breakfast food?

    What can you say to your neighbour besides Good Morning?

    What can you plant in your vegetable or flower garden besides vegetables and flowers?

    Use Your Power to Choose.

    Find and Do Invisible Options


    Do this experiment in your Possibility Team, or with a group of friends:

    Go together to a park or village space. Stand together in a place that is "Ground Zero."


    Take turns, while you look around the park or village space spotting the options of things to do that are not socially appropriate, visible or obvious, and say it out loud.


    Another person in the Team, do that new option:

    Dance The Macarena.

    Give all your money to the flower lady.

    Get a coffee that's not from Starbucks.

    You might need to leave the "Ground Zero" space to do it. If you do, come back after the option is done, and take another turn spotting new options and doing the options spotted by others.


    Keep going until an hour has passed. Or don't take that option.



    Carry a Tool of Distinction


    Carry a pen. Carry a big wooden spoon. Let this tool represent your sword of clarity and use it all week long to make distinctions. Point it to THIS, and THAT.

    Use the spoon to scoop things, to differentiate in ways that are not obvious.

    New Results In Your Room


    Take one hour to rearrange all the furniture and everything in your bedroom in a way you never have done it before. For the next week notice what else changes.

    New Results in the Morning


    Wake up at 4:30am and go do things that are not normally done at 4:30: cook dinner food,

    hang out your laundry,

    pull the weeds in the garden,

    walk the duck


    Notice the New Results.

    New Results With a Wheelbarrow


    Take a wheelbarrow around the town or the neighbourhood.

    Look the part: wear a hat that makes you look like a professional wheelbarrower.

    While you wheel the wheel barrow around it, put things in the wheelbarrow that are not yours.

    Make a circle, put something in and take it to the next street, and take it out to put the next thing in.

    Move things around.

    If someone asks you what you are doing, say "I don't know," or "I am creating new results", or, "Making Art."

    It's My Fault


    For one whole day, whatever is happening tell people "It is my fault". No matter what, take the fault.

    This gives you an opportunity to create new results.

    Do this without being hard on yourself.

    Do Overs for New Results


    Do 50 Do-Overs in one week.


    Write a list in your Beep! Book of things from the past that you want to do over.


    For one week, start to do the Do-Overs. Look for other chances to do more Do-Overs from things that happen, that aren't from the list from the past.


    Write the Do-Overs you do and do 50 in the week.


    For extra credit: do a Do-Over from the future:

    before you do the old thing, do the new thing.

    Stop Smiling


    Just don't smile for an entire week.


    Refuse to enter the Smiley Face Space.


    Notice New Results happening.

    Wait 25 Seconds


    For one whole day, whenever someone says something, wait 25 seconds before you decide to do anything about it.

    To do this, you will need to split your attention: about 8% of your attention will be counting 25 seconds. Another percentage will be noticing what is happening. Another percentage will be noticing what New Results are happening.

    The Illusion of Progress


    For a whole week, in as many situations as possible, at least 3 times a day, when somebody says something, repeat exactly what they said, as if it was being said for the first time.


    The new results will have something to do with breaking the Illusion of Progress. New Things are mostly things that happened before, even though when they happen, it can seem as if they are New Things. Since things that happen over and over have lots of things happen in between, an Illusion of Progress happens.


    With this experiment, you are skipping all the things in between and saying the thing again, as if it is for the first time.


    If the person says, "I just said that," say, this is the Illusion of Progress.

    Listen to Hear Clarity


    We hear what we want to hear.

    Experiment with wanting to hear something new.

    For a whole day, whenever someone else is talking, listen for a purpose: to hear clarity. It can be someone talking to you, or characters in a show, or a podcaster or the news, anything.

    Listen to what is being said and specifically listen to hear Clarity.

    You only need the tiniest bit of evidence of it. When you hear it, amplify that.

    Notice New Results that come from listening for, hearing and amplifying Clarity.

    Write about this in your Beep! Book, tell someone about it, or write an article about it.

    Listen to Hear Love


    For another day, specifically listen to hear Love.

    You only need the tiniest bit of evidence of it. When you hear it, amplify that.

    Notice the New Results that come from listening for, hearing and amplifying Love.

    Write a poem about this experiment. Record a video of you sharing the poem.

    Listen to Hear Possibility


    For another day, listen to what is being said and especially listen to hear Possibility. You only need the tiniest bit of evidence that Possibility is happening. When you hear it, amplify it.


    Notice the New Results from listening for, hearing and amplifying Possibility.


    Tell your dog, or the squirrels and birds outside about the New Results. Tell your reflection in the mirror about them.

    Radical Reliance on Possibility


    Shift to the context of Radical Reliance.


    Create New Results by looking at somebody and commit to creating Possibility for them, relying radically on your Bright Principle of Possibility.


    Tell them, 'I have shifted the context of this conversation to Radical Reliance on Possibility."


    This is a next step after the previous Experiment. Listen for, amplify and act upon Possibilities and notice what New Results happen.


    Write in your Beep! Book the New Results this experiment creates in your life and for others.

    Radical Reliance on ECCO


    Shift to the context of Radical Reliance on your Bright Principle of ECCO, the Earth Coincidence Control Office, noticing coincidences, and relying on them, following them, including the coincidence of having an intuition happen at a moment in time.


    Write in your Beep! Book the New Results this experiment creates in your life and for others.

    Radical Reliance on Gaia and Being Grounded


    Shift to the context of Radical Reliance on your Bright Principle of Gaia, relying on and using your Grounding Cord to source information from Gaia and to release energy to Gaia. Write in your Beep! Book the New Results this experiment creates in your life and for others.

    Speaking from the Void


    For a whole day, Speak From Nothing, from the Void. Learn to use Speaking from the Void to source New Results, in the offers you make, negotiations, agreements.

    The Power of Integrity and Impeccability


    Using the Power of Integrity and Impeccability, create New Results in your life by cleaning up messes.


    Make a list in your Beep! Book of the promises you have made that you have not been engaging with. Write who you made them to.


    Start Over.


    Get together a team to help you make your commitments.


    Reach out to all the people you have made promises to and let them know that you are starting over about the promise.


    Complete each and every commitment.

    Keep a Commitment to Yourself


    Keep a commitment you make to your self.


    Make a commitment to yourself.


    For example, I made a commitment to dig out and transplant May fruit trees.


    I had to buy new planters and lug them upstairs and steal dirt and digging tools but I kept the commitment to myself to doing it, and it felt great. Even if it was neurotic, and my arms and shoulders did did not feel good.


    You could committ to using gasoline to get the labels and glue and off of all the jars in your house.


    Write about the commitment, and about what it took to keep it.


    Write about what New Results happened from making this commitment happen.

    New Words, New Results


    Choose and learn five new words from different languages and make them part of your regular vocabulary.


    Don't use words that are part of you region, for example, if you live in New Zealand, don't choose Maori words.


    You might like to look at this article that has a list of words that exist in languages other than English for emotions that we don't have words for in English.


    Notice the different results that happen when you use these five new words, and when people hear you use these words.

    New Results from BEing and Wearing a Scarf


    Get one of those big scarves and wrap it around your arm and neck as if you got hurt somehow.


    When people ask you about it, tell them a story that you got a whole new possibility in your life, making a conscious misunderstanding about what they are asking.


    Your story doesn't connect at all to an injury or wound it looks like you have.


    When they persist about finding out about if you are okay, tell them a story about why you're such a radiant a Being today.

    New Results From Ceremonial Attire


    Get yourself attire that is more formal, more ceremonial or from another culture, and for a whole day do your life with these clothes on.


    Notice if you talk differently or if people talk to you differently, if you move into spaces differently, if you get new kinds of conversations.

    Create New Results for Others


    Commit to creating unreasonable new results for others.


    Make an unreasonable commitment to the success of others and make it happen. Do whatever it takes. This is a Pirate Agreement, you don't even have to say it. Do the unreasonable things that come from committing to their commitment.

    New Gameworld: New Results


    Get two or three people together and design a gameworld in which the experience is a new result.


    For example, I was talking with a young guy who was moving 8 people into a house in France, into a mansion, for three months, to film a movie. They have a beginning and and end to their movie and they don't know what will happen in the middle.


    With your teammates, write down the codex and the rules of engagement for your Gameworld.

    Notice Avoiding


    For a whole week, carry a small notebook or piece of special paper that is on you at all times, and something to write with. As you move through your day, notice all the ways you avoid making new results buy NOT acting on things you get possibilities about. That thing you thought about saying to the check out lady? That seat you didn't sit in on the train? That leap you didn't take, that feedback you didn't give, that song you didn't sing out loud while you were walking? Write them all down.


    At the end of each day for the whole week, look at your list and write in your Beep! Book five new results that could have happened if you had done what you avoided doing, but couldn't happen because you avoided.



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